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LMNT one is a very simple, seamless device that you can easily integrate into your daily routine. Just follow these steps and you are on your way!

Your skin is constantly facing so many challenges, inside and out. Stress, pollution, sun exposure, a poor diet, not enough sleep, and the hands of time… you name it. As an on-the-go woman who has so much coming at you every day, your skin can often look dull and lackluster, as if all of the energy has been drained out of it. Sound familiar?


LMNT One brings professional skin rejuvenation home, empowering users to achieve glowing, youthful skin from the comfort of their own sanctuary. Harnessing cutting-edge technology, LMNT One targets signs of aging, providing a safe, personalized, and effective skincare routine.

We hear you. And see you. And now, we have an incredible, highly energetic solution that will light your face from within.
It’s called LMNT one.


LMNT by Alma is a personal care brand, delivering the company’s legacy of technology and knowhow in light-based aesthetic solutions into your hands. Having treated dozens of millions of consumers worldwide for over two decades, Alma is the provider of choice for top tier innovative solutions that are based on cutting edge, clinically proven technologies.

Micro-Pulse PBM Technology™

The unique photo-modulated light technology is delivered in a sequential pulsed mode and duration

Two LED Wavelengths

Combines red (633 nm) and infrared (830 nm) wavelengths to target multiple skin concerns with one device

FDA Cleared

A Class 2 at-home device to reduce the appearance of periorbital wrinkles and stimulate collagen

Proven Results

In a split-face, randomized study, 91% reported visible skin improvements and 64% reported reduced fine lines and wrinkles

Source: Data on file

Why Choose
Global Smiles & Aesthetics?

Global Smiles & Aesthetics, located in Sacramento, CA, is renowned for providing exceptional dental care with a personal touch. Leveraging top-notch technology, their skilled professionals ensure patients receive effective treatments in a comfortable, welcoming environment, making every visit a pleasant experience.

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